Hans Wouters

“Tricks deserve applause. Style deserves respect.”



19, from the 16th of February 1998


Crownboards Royal Tribe, Caliber II FIFTY trucks, Blood Orange Morgans (65mm, 82A), Blood Orange 80A cones and insert barrel

Where do you live

Bolderberg, little town in Belgium

Favorite song

For sure something by Eminem so I'll go for Eminem - Beautiful. Also Phora - Sinner, I just love any hip hop that has a message to it.

Favorite liquor

Omer. Got to love yourself some good Belgian beer

How much beer can you drink

Enough to have a good night out

Favorite trick

Any No-Comply trick. Or Bigspins… Agh love No-Comply’s and Bigspins

Something you hate

Fake steeze, drama, wheel bite, When people hate on others

Dream trick you can't do


Favorite skater

The all time favorite is Rodney Mullen. Right now it'd be Luan Oliveira, Kyle Walker and I love Christopher Chann

In Crownboards since…

Day one haha! October, 2013


Hassan or Hassie

Dream sponsor

Vans, Sony Alpha and Adidas Skateboarding

Only dance or only freestyle (must* choose one)

Dance for sure. The tricks only serve as an addition to the flow of dancing.

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